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I wish I could look at that in my browser …

Sometimes you would like to see some information, which is readily available from a unix command in your browser. If it’s in a private network and / or the information doesn’t do any harm when read by unauthorized people or it’s for a rather short period of time, then ashttp does the trick.
ashttp is a python script by Julien Palard (@sizeof) using a headlesss vt100 terminal emulator to run a script each time the http server gets a request, grab the output and deliver it via http to the requesting browser.
For example the output of top:

ashttp -p 8081 top

This will start up an http server on port 8081 (you can also use –port) and every request to that server will deliver the output of a fresh top command:
At the moment there seems to be a small problem with forwarding the command line parameters of the unix command, so you can circumvent that by putting your more complex statement into a shebang’ed shell script and calling this one from ashttp:

watch -n1 ls -lah /tmp

Have fun!

Update: @n770 correctly mentioned, that having swig installed is a prerequisite to building the python hl_vt100 module.

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