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re:publica, ich komme

Auch dieses Jahr wieder werde ich an der re:publica teilnehmen. Letztes Jahr war für mich das erste Mal und ich muß sagen: ich war begeistert. Ich habe alte Bekannte und neue Leute getroffen, spannende Vorträge gehört, an wahnsinnig interessanten Nebenveranstaltungen teilgenommen und ein wenig von dieser unglaublichen Stadt mitbekommen. Ach ja: und zum ersten Mal echte Berliner Buletten gegessen :)

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

I just wanted to share some words about the technology used in building this site. After playing around with many different CMS and blog engines I decided to use ExpressionEngine (EE). This has several reasons:

  • Its built using PHP which allows me to put my hands as deep into the code as I want or need to accomplish a given goal.
  • I used EE to build several customer web sites, so there is a significant amount of knowledge about solving complex problems with EE.
  • EE is one of the most versatile blog engines I know since it allows you to create as many blog or channel streams as you like and use as many of them in one page template as needed.
  • EE in version 2 is completely rebuilt using the CodeIgniter framework. This leads to clean compact code and lots of possibilities to extend its functionality.
  • Its well documented. the learning curve is steep (you can do lots of new things in a short amount of time).

I also have a nearly complete blog engine written in Django in my “cool projects drawer” but you know fast such projects advance …