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Junk in, junk out

When I was at school – yes, this was some time ago – I had a colleague who was at constant war with his frensh language teacher and the teacher with him. So once when writing an exam, in the end my colleague returned a piece of paper to the teachers desk, containing a longer monologue sayingwhy the student absolutely didn’t feel like writing an exam. The whole text was written in a large spiral on the paper.

When the exams were returned, my colleague got his paper back, signed by a note of “6”, which in Germany is the worst note you can get. The explanation of why the teacher voted for a 6 was written around the figure “6” … in a spiral.

One story I read on the internets said, that a student of english literature got back his very very bad exam with a remark from the teaher:

I return this otherwise good writing paper back to you, because someone wrote gibberish all over it and put your name on top.

I like this sense of humour!

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